Lectures in Climate Change

Climate change is a portending issue not only for our time, but indeed for generations to come. Informing current and future leaders regarding this issue is a vital task, so that they harbor the knowledge to devise and implement the actions that are required to forestall its consequences. Those actions must be directed towards curtailing the emissions of greenhouse gases to the greatest extent possible, and towards adapting to unavoidable changes of climate.

In recent decades, leading scientists have made significant progress developing and communicating the science of climate change to the scientific community at large and to students in particular, thus motivating many to confront the challenges ahead. The present series, entitled Lectures in Climate Change, is aimed to contribute to that vital endeavor. Each installment in this series will be compiled by colleagues and students of one of several leading scientists who have made particularly significant contributions.

The goal of this series is to provide resources that can be used by scholars and students worldwide concerning topics related to climate change. Released in both print and online versions, the lectures in this series are targeted at university-level educators and their students across the globe to aid in teaching these particular topics. The series would provide the materials necessary for online learning by individuals seeking to gain a deeper understanding of relevant topics. The lecture presentations with their accompanying written introductions and notes are peer reviewed.

The first installment in this series is entitled Our Warming Planet: Topics in Climate Change, highlighting the significant contributions that Dr. David Rind had made to climate change science throughout his career. Colleagues of Dr. Rind are each providing an introduction, a lecture in the form of slides, and accompanying lecture notes to the volume. Further volumes in the series will honor other outstanding scientists by enlisting their colleagues and students in similar endeavors.

The second installment in this series is entitled Our Warming Planet: Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation, highlighting the significant contributions that Dr. Martin Parry has made to climate change impacts and adaptation research throughout his career. Colleagues of Dr. Parry, all world-recognised leading scientists, provided a unique set of authoritative lectures on climate change impacts and adaptation.

To view the lectures from both Volume 1 and Volume 2 of Lectures in Climate Change, please visit the Video Archive via the link below.